Like most collectors my radio space is limited but there just might be room for one or two more. 
I would like to obtain the following Midwests.
I would also be interested in Midwest parts and and other Midwest related items.



Midwest portable radios



I'm in need of this speaker cabinet. It is part of a two piece1934 Midwest.
The radio chassis was housed in a table model style cabinet.



2M2 Variable Resistance tubes. 
This tube is a standard octal based "G" size and looks like a 6C5G.
It can be found with the Amperite or ken-Rad brand name. You may have one and not know it.


Any Midwest or Miraco cathedral radio. Here are a couple examples

1931 Miraco


1933 Midwest X-8  (I believe this example lives in Texas but don't know who owns it)


Please Email me at:  'Mike at Midwestradiomuseum dot com'  if you have any of these items available or know of their whereabouts.
I would appreciate it very much.