The large 8.5" diameter dial is known as the
Mystic Movie Dial
and was introduced in 1938 on the 16, 18 and 20 tube chassis Midwest models. 

The frequency indicator, known as the
Traveling Coloray Bulls Eye, 
is a spot of light which changes color when the radio is tuned on station.
You may have seen a similar type dial arrangement on a 
Scott Philharmonic.

At first glance the dial suggests only a single band operation, the Standard Broadcast Band.
But turn the band switch-
the dial illuminates in a soft red glow and the 5 other bands "mysteriously appear
like magic, projected onto the face of the dial as in projecting a motion picture".




Man, how could you not go for a feature that?

And if that's not enough, add this to the Motorized Touch-Button Tuning feature.
Just press a magic button and ZIP - the Midwest tunes itself automatically.
It's as easy as ringing a door bell!